How you benefit

When your company participates in the Discovery Healthy Company Index, you gain insights into the health and lifestyles of your employees, which allows for better measurement and management of the health of your people, and ultimately your business.

After a senior HR manager has completed a questionnaire, and a sample of your employees have completed an online survey, you will receive a report outlining your company's results.

These include:

Each employee who completes the survey also receives a personalised report back with recommendations for health improvements, feedback on how their lifestyle choices impact their health, as well as areas of potential risk that need action.

Awards for the top-ranked companies

Your results will be benchmarked against companies with a similar demographic profile to yours. Companies that have participated in the survey before will also receive a comparative report showing their progress from the previous year. See an example of the customised report.

All companies will be ranked according to the following categories (subject to change):

The top three companies in each category will be recognised at an awards ceremony.

You can use your company’s results to: